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Things and Thoughts: Dean Browell

About Me:
I hate these about me boxes like this. I should hope that it is each of our goals, in some philisophical and perhaps metaphysical way to live a life that slowly if not surely cannot be characterized in 150 words or less for bite-size consumption. Not in any mean or reactionary way, but rather because life (good or bad) is way more complex than a form field can describe. But if we must: I'm married to a wonderful woman, with a beautiful child and a cast of amazing friends to introduce my kid to. 'Nuff said.


I've written for a handful of online publications, had three plays produced and continues to write and design frequently. My education is in Drama (or "Advanced Waiter Training"), plus an MBA, plus I'm all-but-dissertation on a PhD. I have a long, happy relationship with comics, music, Apple computers and advocacy.