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I'm going to Bonnaroo.

I'm doing it alone, just getting a general admission ticket and going guerilla style with no idea of who I'm with or what the fuck will happen, but I'm going. Here by the grace of Corri go I.


That is all.

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Need some Roo buddies? Matt and I are going!

You guys doing VIP? Awesome group camping together, Wonderland theme... i could swing by in the famous silver CRV! :)

Nope- we're doing gen admission. (BTW, I always thought VIP included food?? or did they just change it?) We are meeting up with Matt's friend on our way in for possible group park/camp. You are welcome to join us for the ride or for the group caravan. Up to you!

Yeah VIP did include food until this year when they changed caterers to this super-upscale group... I guess it's good they didn't just tack on an extra 200 bucks, but kinda sucks.

Whoohooo! I'll let you know, I literally made this decision totally out of the blue last week so I haven't done my normal stressing/planning that I would have done up until this point :)

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