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Things and Thoughts: Dean Browell

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SAVE THE DATE: Fallen Apple: The Gravity of Life -- Roanoke Art Exhibit March 13th
Fallen Apple: The Gravity of Life
A Multidisciplinary Exploration by Dean Browell and Whitney Pratt

March 13th, 2009
4-9 pm
The Water Heater, 813 5th Street, Roanoke, VA

In an unusual collaboration, a writer transforms a vision into words and an artist translates it back again, creating the world you'll peer into. For each character, writer Dean Browell used song choices, environmental, emotional and social clues to inspire the artist. Whitney Pratt took those concepts and clues, and through her own interpretation developed the characters in paint on canvas. The exploratory process comes full circle to create this unique exhibition.


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I'm SO bummed that I'll be in San Fran then. :(

Well we're hoping more comes of it :)

And when you're in town I can show you all the painting images...

Very cool. It seems you guys turned this out ridiculously fast. I hope you document this well.

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