Things and Thoughts: Dean Browell

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Fallen Apple (Dean & Whitney) on NPR / WVTF
Interview on the Fallen Apple exhibit/collaboration w/ me & @wpratt on NPR/WVTF - MP3 here:

Lead story:
Images of the paintings on WVTF's site:
MP3 of interview:

"There's been a lot of talk around our region about the "creative class"-- and efforts, especially in Roanoke, aimed at attracting entrepreneurial and creative talent to the area. They are the knowledge workers and artists who some have theorized are a still-untapped source of economic growth nationwide. WVTF's Connie Stevens recently had the opportunity to watch two people in the so-called creative class at work. Listen as we hear how they work to un-stop a creative block-- by merging words, songs and paintings into a multi-media arts exhibit. "

Story to air on Weekend Virginia 03/22/09 and on Morning Edition on 03/23/09

Fallen Apple: Gravity of Life on Facebook with video:

I win at the game of life because I got NPR to play Iron Maiden and Public Enemy.


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